Simple Meals - Create Easy Meal Ideas
With These Cooking Light Recipes

Simple meals are the best way to start your cooking lessons. Here you can find some easy dinner ideas and quick meal ideas for any occasion.

This simple meals section is where you can try out a few basic and cooking light recipes. These aren't necessarily complete meals on their own (well, scrambled eggs can be!), but hopefully you'll learn some techniques and gain some confidence.

Below you'll see some links to a few quick cooking recipes, and not all of them involve cooking meat. Please go ahead and try them out one at a time. If things don't work out straight away, please don't get discouraged! Just try again.

It took me quite a while to get things to work out the way they were meant to. So, you're already a step ahead of me. You can benefit from all my trial and error!

I found things easier if I just remembered what cooking is. It's simply the process of turning a few raw ingredients into something you can eat (and that tastes good, too of course!). It's really not that difficult but it's important to start with some simple meals.

So start practising some quick easy cooking with these Simple Meals starter recipes.

Perfect Scrambled Eggs - A Perfect Way To Start The Day
Perfect scrambled eggs are one of my favourite breakfast dishes. Learn how to make scrambled eggs with this easy scrambled egg recipe.

Perfect Mashed Potatoes - The Highly Versatile Side Dish
Perfect mashed potatoes are easier than you might think! If you want to make mashed potatoes or are looking for mashed potato recipes, then look no further.

Cooking Perfect Steak - The Secrets To Cooking Steak
Cooking perfect steak is something many people want to achieve! Here you'll find the secrets to cooking sirloin steak, or any other grilled or broiled steak, perfectly every time.

Cooking Corn On The Cob – Some Easy Ways To Get Great Tasting Corn
Cooking corn on the cob is very simple, and gives you a very tasty side dish. BBQ corn is simple to make and delicious, and you can cook corn on the cob to go in vegetarian dishes like veggie lasagne.

Omelette Recipe - A Great Taste Any Time Of The Day
Here's an omelette recipe that shows that this is one of the most simple and versatile dishes around. If you want to learn how to make an omelet, then here's a great omelet recipe to try.

Cooking A Roast – All You Need To Know For Great Taste And Easy Roasting
Cooking a roast is a traditional way to share food with friends and family. Here you can learn how to cook roast, such as how to roast beef, as well as some tricks to a memorable meal.

How To Make Gravy - An Easy Gravy Recipe For Roasts
Knowing how to make gravy is vital is you love cooking roasts. When making gravy, I've found that the best gravy recipe is also the easiest.

An Easy Meatloaf Recipe - It’s Like Bread, Only Made Of Meat!
Here's an easy meatloaf recipe you can serve hot or cold. I think it's the best meatloaf recipe because it's so simple to make. I pretty sure that you'll think it's the best meatloaf too.

A Basic Quiche Recipe That’s Perfect For Summer Lunches
Here is a basic quiche recipe that you can make quickly. One of the best simple meals, it's healthy and is a great summer dish for lunch or dinner. Like most easy quiche recipes, you can serve it hot or cold.

Easy Grilling Recipes - Some Great Tips To Grill Meat Perfectly Every Time
With these easy grilling recipes, find out why grilled meat is one of the simplest dishes to make. Whether it’s grilled steak recipes you're after, or other easy grill recipes, you'll find it here.

How To Cook Vegetables - Get Some Great Tasting Veggies With These Simple Tips
Knowing how to cook vegetables is an important part of a healthy diet. Healthy vegetables are very simple to cook, such as grilling vegetables, so here are a few ways you can get the best out of them.

Barbecue Hamburger Recipe - A Tasty Burger That's Really Simple To Make
Here's a barbecue hamburger recipe that's very simple to make, and tastes delicious. You don't even have to cook it on a barbecue - a regular oven grill is just fine.

Cooking Brown Rice - Simple, Delicious and Nutritious
Cooking brown rice may have a reputation of being difficult to do, but it really isn't. Brown rice has a great taste all of its own as well as significant health benefits.

White Sauce Recipe - Possibly The Most Versatile Sauce Around
A white sauce recipe is a very useful thing to know in cooking. There are many foods that go well with a nice white cream sauce so add this to your repertoire.

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