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Cooking With Herbs And Spices Made Easy

A list of spices is vital for any basic cooking repertoire. Here's a spices list showing common herbs and common spices to get you started, and what I have in my spice drawer.

Different herbs and types of spices (also called seasonings) can add a whole new dimension to a dish, and really bring them alive. There's a huge range of herbs and spices for cooking, but many people have a few favourite spices for cooking.

You can also get them either whole or ground, in packets or small glass jars with built-in shakers.

Here's a list of herbs and spices that are used more regularly in most kitchens (both dry and fresh), and what they are used for:

Rosemary: used in meat (especially roast lamb), potatoes and tomato-based sauces.

Tarragon: used for some fish and chicken dishes, as well as Hollandaise and Béarnaise sauces.

Bay Leaves: used in stews and casseroles. Note – remove before serving and don't eat it!

Thyme: used in roast chicken, stir fries and soups. Lemon Thyme can be used in these as well as fish dishes.

Chives: used in a mixture with sour cream and poured over baked potatoes. Also used with eggs and creamy soups.

Dill: most commonly used with smoked salmon, but also with potatoes.

Coriander: used in stir fries, especially spicy ones.

Marjoram: used in omelettes and stuffing.

Oregano: used in tomato based sauces for casseroles or stir fries.

Lemon Grass: used in chicken stir fries and Asian/Oriental dishes.

Basil: used in Italian dishes, tomato-based pasta sauces, and with chicken and rice.

Sage: used in pork and other game dishes, like rabbit or venison.

If you're starting out, you might be wondering what you should start with. There is a list on the basic pantry page, which I'll reproduce here:

Dried Herbs Spices
Basil Cinnamon
Bay Leaves Cloves (whole)
Mixed Herbs Coriander
Oregano Cumin
Rosemary Curry Powder
Thyme Ginger

Once you've made a lot of different dishes, your collection will certainly grow over time. To give you an idea, here's what I have in my spice drawer (yes, there's so many they have their own drawer in my kitchen):

Allspice (ground) Cayenne Pepper (ground) Celery Salt
Chillies (ground) Chilli Flakes Chinese Five Spice
Cinnamon (ground) Cloves (whole) Coriander Seeds (ground)
Cumin (ground) Garam Masala Garlic Powder
Ginger (ground) Italian Herbs Marjoram Leaves
Mixed Herbs Mixed Spice Nutmeg (ground)
Oregano (ground) Paprika (ground) Rosemary Leaves
Sage Leaves (ground) Sesame Seeds Thyme Leaves
Turmeric (ground) Oregano Leaves Black Peppercorns
Bay Leaves (whole) Saffron

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