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Nowadays we feel we don't have the time to eat properly anymore. Meals are rushed and are often something pre-packaged, or some unhealthy takeaway.

We'd like to be able to cook our own healthy meals at home but don't have the time or skills. Cooking simple food recipes seems to be anything but simple.

Here at, you can learn the skills to cook delicious yet easy meals at home, and you'll be surprised at how little time it really takes!

Not too long ago, I couldn't create a basic meal, let alone make a roast or grill the perfect steak. These things were just a mystery that other people were good at, not me.

That was when I learnt the basics of cooking.

Starting with simple meals I quickly realised that these basics don't really change. Whether you're just mashing potatoes or crafting cordon bleu feasts, you can still apply the same ideas and skills.

I learned how to grill, boil, fry and bake. Being healthy is very important to me, so I learned about healthy eating. I love a good BBQ, so I learned about the differences between different barbeques. Yes, you don't have to throw something on the grill and hope for the best!

Very quickly my scrambled eggs became a favourite. My mashed potatoes are without peer. My steaks are now grilled perfect, every time! I can now create meals I never would have dreamed of trying before, all thanks to some simple cooking ideas.

I also learned about meal planning, making a grocery shopping list, how to stock a pantry/larder, and even using the right kitchen equipment. You'll be amazed at how much difference the right ingredients and right equipment makes.

Now, I really enjoy making meals. My family are always amazed at my ever-growing skills and the delicious meals I create. By learning the basic cooking tips on this web site, you can become the kitchen master of your home, too!

There's lots of interesting and useful information on this site, so start browsing all the categories and begin learning the art of simple home cooking!

Table of Contents

Cooking Technique - Cooking Measurements - Meat Cooking Times
A good cooking technique starts with learning the different methods of preparing food, from cooking rice to cooking roast beef. Learning these skills give you a great base to start from.
Healthy Meal Planning - Family Meal Planning - Healthy Eating Plan
Healthy meal planning is a very important step in cooking. In deciding what to eat, creating an eating plan or weekly menu planner will make your life easier.
Barbecue Tips - Barbecue Steak - Gas Barbecue Grills
Here are some great barbecue tips to get you started with outdoor cooking, whether on a Weber BBQ or a gas grill. Direct or indirect grilling are the easiest ways of cooking, and much more social!
Basic Cooking Tips - Cooking 101 - Cooking Tips Information
These basic cooking tips will help you cook food like a pro. Budget cooking tips & tricks usually come with years of experience, but you can skip that and add these to your cooking basics repertoire.
Simple Meals - Easy Meal Ideas - Quick Cooking Recipes
Simple meals are the best way to start your cooking lessons. Here you can find some easy dinner ideas and quick meal ideas for any occasion.
Easy Dinner Recipes - Easy Healthy Recipes - Healthy Cooking Recipes
Looking for some easy dinner recipes? Then here are some easy food recipes for you to try. These easy to make recipes are sure to impress your family and friends!
Easy Snack Recipes - Healthy Snack Ideas - Party Snacks
Here are some easy snack recipes for the times when you want something quick to make and eat. If you're after low calorie snacks then there's something for you here, too.
Sushi Recipes - How To Make Sushi - What Is Sashimi
Sushi recipes are probably among the easiest recipes you can cook. Learn all about sushi and sashimi here.
Grocery Shopping List - Grocery List Template - Grocery Shopping Online
Creating a grocery shopping list might sound like an obvious and easy thing. However, doing it the right way will make your food shopping and home food storage a much easier task.
Best Cookware - Cookware Review - Kitchen Basics
Everybody wants the best cookware. Having the right kitchen equipment, such as cooking pans, is an important part of learning to cook as it allows you to cook simply and effectively.
Healthy Food List - The Healthy Foods To Eat - A Healthy Food Diet
Here's a healthy food list that's full of food nutrition facts to help you eat as well as you can. If you're looking for some ideas for healthy eating plans, then here are some useful tips.
What's New At Basic Cooking
The What's New At Basic Cooking page and blog is where you'll find my latest news and updates. Be among the first to learn new recipes, new ideas and new techniques about food and cooking.
Cooking Blogs - My Ideas On Food And Healthy Eating
Since the Internet is seemingly awash with cooking blogs, I thought I'd start my own! Learn my innermost thoughts here.
Cooking Ideas - What Are Your Simple Cooking Tips?
Do you have some brilliant cooking ideas that make your life easier? Then let the world know about them! I'd love to hear about your kitchen tips and techniques, so start sharing them!
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